Increase the member limit of free package to 1000

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Currently the free package only allows up to 200 members, but it's not enough. It's difficult to monetise a group with 200 members, especially in developing countries to afford to upgrade to premium packages. So I suggest to increase the member limit of free package to 1000. If it's not possible, at least implement a regional pricing scheme. $9.99 for month for a group is not a big deal for developed countries like Norway, USA, Australia, Sweden etc,, but it's a big amount for countries like India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Indonesia, Egypt, Pakistan, Burma, Nigeria, Philippines etc.. Regional pricing scheme is so fair, and it helps more people to subscribe to premium packages because then they can afford it. Combot is at the moment, the best group management bot for Telegram, I used to use it in my group too, but I had to dump it after the member count increased over 200+. I could have paid $9.99 to move to the premium package, but it's not viable for me to pay $9.99 in every month.

Not planned Suggested by: Liyanage Upvoted: 15 Apr Comments: 10

Comments: 10

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