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Something that rivals Rose's notes feature:

Notes are great to save random tidbits of information; a phone number, a nice gif, a funny picture - anything!

User commands:
- /get <notename>: Get a note.
- #notename: Same as /get.

Admin commands:
- /save <notename> <note text>: Save a new note called "word". Replying to a message will save that message. Even works on media!
- /clear <notename>: Delete the associated note.
- /notes: List all notes in the current chat.
- /saved: Same as /notes.
- /clearall: Delete ALL notes in a chat. This cannot be undone.
- /privatenotes: Whether or not to send notes in PM. Will send a message with a button which users can click to get the note in PM.

- Saving a note. Now, anyone using #test or /get test will see this message. To save an image, gif, sticker, or any other kind of data, simply reply to that message
-> /save test This is a fancy note!
- To retrieve a note without formatting, add noformat after the get command.

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